Youth initiative for human rights

Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Croatia

Support for taking away the military ranks

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia sent a letter to president Josipović on September 22 2010 in which it expressed its full support to the president for stripping persons convicted of war crimes, murders and abuse of power and authority of their military ranks. In the letter, YIHR wrote the following:

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights expresses its satisfaction with your decision to take away the military ranks from persons convicted of war crimes against civilians, abuse of power and authority and the criminal offense of murder, Mr Branimir Glavas, Mr Mirko Norac Kevi, Mr Vladimir Zagorec, Mr Tihomir Oreskovic and Mr Sinisa Rimac.

Your act is not only important to preserve the reputation of the Republic of Croatia and its armed forces, but even more so because it represents a clear view that crimes can not earn respect, but the determined condemnation. This is the right way to fight the denial, justification, and reduction of crimes. Furthermore, this has great significance in the recognition of the suffering of victims, but also it sends the message that criminals should not be role models, which is especially important for young people in this society.

In promoting these messages, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights supports you sincerely.